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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Change is Good

I have reworked the comments system to make commenting easier and faster. Also, the most recent comments from front-page posts are now displayed in the right sidebar so you can easily see what's new. Big thanks to Blogger Hacks for helping me to get it all working.

The site has been up for a month and the response from the press, politicians, and the public has already exceeded all my expectations. I want to focus more now on building a community. Lets make this the place to go if you're a democrat and want to talk state and local politics. So if you have an opinion about a post, leave a comment. If you have an issue you want raised or information you want to share, send me an email. If you enjoy politics in Maine as much as I do and want to contribute to the site's content, let me know.

Visit the new Maine Politics.



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