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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

DNC Race All But Over.

It's more than a week until the votes will be cast, but with Frost dropping out of the race, allegations regarding Fowler's handling of the 2004 campaign in Michigan, Webb giving his endorsement, and a quarter of DNC members already pledged to the man from Vermont, it looks like Dean will be the new chair.

This looks to be good news for Maine, where a huge number of vocal Democrats recently expressed their support for Dean at an online forum. Dean's plans for the DNC include an increased focus on the strength and voice of state parties including greater support for interactive technology.

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Bulldog Dean and his strong knowledge of Lakoff's theories are going to tear the Republicans apart! And, he has gained a lot of ground since Tuesday. Its time for me to get a new Dean sticker for my car.

This is an excerpt from an article from CNN this morining:

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean appears to have virtually locked up the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, after his last major challenger dropped out of the race and endorsed him Friday night.

Veteran party activist Donnie Fowler, who had been positioning himself as the alternative candidate to Dean, said it was "clear" Dean had the votes to become the new chairman when DNC members vote next week.

"With Howard Dean as its next chair of the DNC, the party will have someone who not only understands change, but knows how to make it happen," Fowler said in a statement.


Posted by Andy

2/05/2005 10:41:00 AM



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