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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ethan Strimling

The PPH today examines Strimling's contrarianism and his prospects for higher office.
Strimling is comfortable taking a stance others lawmakers may shy away from. He has drawn the ire of business leaders, conservative Christians and members of his own party. The senator is now opposing the Democratic governor's plan to sell future lottery revenue to balance the state budget - a key vote in a closely divided state Senate [...]

Colleagues describe the senator as articulate, smart and handsome. They are quick to add that such qualities do not guarantee advancement in Maine politics. State party chairman Patrick Colwell said Strimling is a rising star in Cumberland County but questioned whether he could attract support beyond its borders.

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I'll resist rehashing how Ethan supported a conservative white male over a progressive American Indian woman in a race in part of his own district. 

Posted by MB

2/28/2005 10:24:00 PM


I hope you don't mind if I rehash. (Here's MB's old post on the subject)  

Posted by Mike

3/01/2005 10:09:00 AM


I don't always agree with Ethan's stance on things, but I can tell you that as a Maine native, nearly a senior citizen, and an independent from Hancock County (now Waldo) I support Ethan wholeheartedly because you know what you get. He is not one thing today and something else tomorrow. That is not to say that he is inflexible; he will listen to reason and is open to new information, but his career is not politics. His career is human service and to turn that philosphy into reality almost assures ones entrance into politics. He is more educated, informed and articulate then most politicians. Although he is not "from" Maine, he is no carpetbagger, having visited here since he was a child, having graduated from UMO and having lived in Maine for many years. Unfortunately, it would not surprise me if he didn't go as far as he should in politics, at least not in this climate of "tell us what we want to hear, even if it is a lie and you are robbing us blind. Don't make us look at the real picture, it's too hard." But if Yankees are still the honest, straightforward, independenets folks they've always been known to be, they will eventually look for and find that kind of honestly in Strimling. If not, its Maine's loss. 

Posted by Aynne Ames

3/28/2005 07:42:00 AM


Well, I checked out the "rehashing" link above, and have a few points.
FIRST, I do not vote for women just to "support affirmative action" nor do I vote for a candidate with a particular ethnicity because of that ethnicity. Quite frankly, I was disappointed to hear that behavior supported.
SECOND, when you lose an election, have some dignity. Don't make posts blaming any one other person for your loss, (Ethan Strimling) and don't use words like "pissed." I'm glad to hear that you're running again, but you won't have a chance until you take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others.
THIRD, idealy, our government officials will show us, and eachother, the respect and dignity that EVERY citizen deserves. Regardless of others' behavior, why stoop to the level that you did?
FINALLY, Ethan Strimling can support whomever he chooses... and voters will deal with that as they see fit. He is not obligated to support you for any reason, although I doubt you would have been so critical of his taking a position (vs. remaining neutral) if he had supported you. I imagine that he might not be that impressed with the way that you conduct yourself.
AGAIN, have some dignity, and take responsibility for yourself. When you're angry, perhaps it would be best to stay away from the internet!

Best of luck to you. 

Posted by Woman Dem

4/06/2005 11:07:00 AM


To clarify the above post, the woman who lost the election blamed her loss on Ethan Strimling (check out her whiny and self-righteous post.) Strimling was not the one who could not take responsibility for himself.

I post this because with "Ethan Strimling" in parenthasis above, it wasn't immediately clear who was being accused of not taking responsibility for him/herself. Turns out, it was HER. 

Posted by mainah

8/02/2006 10:53:00 AM



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