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Friday, February 11, 2005

Godwin's Law

Nemitz takes Heath to task for his over-the-top rhetoric, reported here on Wednesday.
"The statement is clear," Heath insisted Wednesday after his league newsletter, "The RECORD," compared homosexuals with, of all people, Hitler. "I clearly say they are not Nazis."

What Maine's minister of morality did do, however, was equate homosexuals' "desperately evil" quest for fair treatment with the "Nazi tyranny" of more than half a century ago. Leave it to Heath, just before the Legislature takes up an equal-rights bill for gays and lesbians, to play the Hitler card[...]

"I'm clearly saying they're not Nazis," Heath repeated. "They're not killing people. They're not setting up concentration camps."

No, Mike, they're not.

Just like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, they were in those camps.

The column also mentions that Heath refers to himself in the third person as "youthful and buoyant" in the same email.

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