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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Saving the Filibuster

EBW of Wampum led a group of volunteers with People for the American Way and Working Assets to speak with a representative of Senator Snowe yesterday about the "nuclear option".
When it was my turn to speak I said "Two years ago I was writing a standards draft for the Internet Engineering Task Force, and listening on MPR to Senator Byrd try to stop a certain bill from passing. If this change to the rule of the Senate happens, we may never have the chance to ignore Senator Byrd again." Ms. Lyon looked up from her note taking at the surprising turn of phrase. I explained that Senator Byrd was attempting a filibuster on the Authorization to Use Force in Iraq, and that if the filibuster was lost, that Robert Byrd, or some future Robert Byrd, would not even take to the Well of the Senate and speak on an issue as important as war or peace.

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