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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Snowe is not "against the president's plan" to cut Social Security

It looks like Snowe has taken some heat from Republican leaders on her Social Security position, possibly because of the Washington Post article reporting that she didn't clap for it during the SOTU. MB doesn't think Snowe will support privatization, and neither do I, but the Senator does seem to want to have it both ways. Her press secretary on Friday painted her as open to Bush's privatization scheme (via Raw Story).
Hartman said the senator had been unfairly criticized as being against the president’s plan[...]

I wouldn't say it's fair to say that she's against the president's plan, he told RAW STORY. She's cautious and she wants to examine all the options out there.

Snowe's press secretary mentioned no specific parts of the president's plan Snowe agreed with, however, simply saying that aside from diverting the Social Security payroll tax into private accounts, all options were still on the table.

Whatever other details of the plan she hasn't said anything about, he remarked. She's said something about payroll tax, not about personal accounts."

If I were a republican, I might call what he's doing "flip-flopping".

Josh Marshall is considering her status within the Consciense Caucus.

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Well - I guess that I spoke too soon with the post "Maine's Senator Snowe Has Our Backs!" I should have known better...but I was acting under the idea, "give credit where credit is due." 

Posted by Andy

2/07/2005 06:14:00 PM



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