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Monday, March 07, 2005

Heath Freaks Out

It's been a longstanding rule of the internet age that you should never send an email when you're drunk or angry. Mike Heath of the Chrisitan Civic League was at least one of the two when he sent out a missive last night.

Heath is enraged that Equality Maine hosted a successful fundraising dinner, and that his organization could not.
Now, if homosexuals can get 450 people out to an "Equality" celebration with $1000 dollar level support from Hannaford can you please tell me why the League has to struggle to get 200 out to a fall banquet that celebrates common sense? And we don't even make money on our banquet.

He first turns to insults, declaring that "If you want money for a pathetic cause in Maine then celebrate sodomy". He then moves on to railing about how not discriminating against gays will cause an end to our civilization. So far, it's not that much different from his usual rants.

That's when things get interesting. He goes off on Hannaford and Norway Savings Bank, two organizations that made contributions to the dinner, and then turns his anger on Christians who are "too busy watching Survivor on television to care" about the homosexual menace.

From this point on, the email lapses into paranoia as Heath reveals his fear of gay assassination squads.
I am going to get up very early every morning that I can and I am going to do battle with the homosexual movement in Maine until either the League fires me or the homosexual movement takes me out.

The rant ends with this gem:
If Christians don't wake up and rally around the League then Maine will deserve the "creative economy" (read hippie communes) that Augusta wants to impose on Dexter, Millinocket and Ellsworth... We need help at the League. And we need it now.

I think it's obvious from this letter what kind of help Mr. Heath needs.

I would link to the full online version of this email, but apparently the Christian Civic League website has been "PWN3D!!" by a hacker calling himself Invictus.

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Oh WOW - that is horrible what happened to - horrible, but also quite funny.

You know, it makes me feel better to know that his group isn't doing as well as I previously thought it was. Not because I am glad that he was upset (and drunk...), but rather because it gives me a more positive view of conservatives in Maine. 

Posted by Andy

3/07/2005 06:25:00 PM



Posted by Andy

3/07/2005 06:26:00 PM


Sorry, I initially thought my first post didn't go through. All is well... 

Posted by Andy

3/07/2005 06:27:00 PM


Just to make clear, I don't think he was drunk, I just mentionned that as a reason why people often send an email that they later regret.

Speaking of which, judging by today's "the record", he doesn't regret his words at all. 

Posted by Mike

3/07/2005 07:53:00 PM


I know - I don't think that he was drunk either. If he were, then I may be able to identify with him. But he most likely wasn't, and so he and I have nothing in common as far as I know. 

Posted by Andy

3/07/2005 08:06:00 PM



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