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Thursday, March 24, 2005

John N. Frary

You might remember that 2 months ago, the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel began looking for a new conservative voice for their editorial page. The lucky winner of the "write from the right" contest is John N. Frary, a retired professor of military history who is a native of Farmington and has spent the last three decades teaching in New Jersey. It'll be interesting to see what he comes up with. His master's degree in Byzantine history might be useful in unravelling the state budget debate.

Also from the KJ/MS editorial page today, Brunelle has already decided who will win the major elections in Maine for the next few cycles.

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Frary has written some really nasty LTTEs in Farmington's Franklin Journal  lately. He attacks everything and everyone Liberal. I really don't look forward to seeing his writings reach more people in the Sentinal. This is a shame. 

Posted by Anonymous

3/25/2005 06:03:00 PM


Is the Franklin Journal online? 

Posted by UMainer

3/25/2005 06:44:00 PM


The FJ is not on line at this time.

Frary has wasted no time spouting the conservative line in the two Sentinel columns to date.

Just another cookie cutter Charlie Webster Republican - left is bad, right is good. No real thought. Today's column did draw on a superficial knowledge of the use of military power to keep the peace. One of my 12th grade students in late sixties would have gotten an A for it. The spelling and grammar were perfect.

I'm betting he's positioning himself for a run for Woodcock's seat should Woodcock decide to run for Governor. 

Posted by Tony N

4/01/2005 08:53:00 PM


Some responses seem to be in order.

I have not attacked everything and everbody liberal at all. You underestimate the possibilities of this target-rich environment. My two favorite targets in the Journal, Russ Christensen and Bia Winter, are socialists---is there not a distinction?
Sentinel is spelled with two e's.

Tony N

Over on the asmainegoes there are a number of contributors attacking me as a RINO. I would be obliged if you would take the time to correct them.

No historical example of any actual use of military force to protect the peace. None whatever. Who, alas, is going to protect your 12-graders from such incompetence.

Let's negotiate the terms of that bet you're offering. No sum too small, no sum too large.


Posted by John N. Frary

4/03/2005 07:14:00 PM


John - There is a huge difference between the word "force" and the word "power."

I would have expected a professor to be more careful.

Military power as a deterrent to agression is elementary - it's been used for years Mutually assured destruction is a phrase that comes to mind.

Using military force to protect the peace is an oxymoron. As soon as you use force there is no peace.

Sorry - you blew it again. Summer make-up session for you. I think J.P. Devine is teaching that class.


Posted by Tony N

4/11/2005 04:22:00 PM



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