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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

John Nutting, Patricia Blanchette and Johnnie Walker Propose Underage Drinking Law

Maine legislators have proposed a new law that would impose tougher penalties for those who buy liquor for minors.
Sen. John Nutting, D-Leeds, Rep. Patricia Blanchette, D-Bangor and Diageo North America, the makers of Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal and other types of alcohol, held a joint press conference to support "An Act to Strengthen the Penalties for Sales to Minors or Purchases by Minors of Alcoholic Beverages."

Nutting said he doesn't believe current state law, which comes with a $250 or $500 fine, goes far enough to discourage older siblings or adults from buying alcohol for minors. He wants to see a graduated penalty system that comes with a 30 day loss of license for the first offense, 90 days for the second, and one year for the third.

In other beverage legislation news, bitter and beloved Moxie is well on its way to becoming Maine's official soft drink.
"The committee members would like to thank you for the gifts of Moxie that they are consuming," said Sen. Elizabeth Schnieder, D-Orono, the panel's Senate chairman. "And they want you to know, though, [that] it won't influence their decision."

"Senator, my fear was it would influence their decision - in a negative way," Crocker replied...

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Barf. Moxie is nasty stuff. 

Posted by Andy

3/16/2005 08:08:00 AM



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