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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nancy Oden Announces

Green Party activist, organic farmer, and Snopes subject Nancy Oden will announce today that she is running for Governor in 2006 as an Independent. (I assume this means she won't be running under the Green Independent Party, but as unenrolled). Oden will attempt to run as a Clean Election candidate.

Is it a Green Party custom to announce on St. Patrick's Day, or is that just an interesting coincidence?

Oden is the first official challenger to Baldacci. Several Republicans are considered possible contenders, including 2002 gubernatorial candidate Peter Cianchette, who has said he will not make a decision about whether to run again until September.

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Hi Mike (I don't any more about you than that) - In scanning articles about me in Google, I came across your brief account, which refers to "Snopes."
When I emailed Snopes at the time with corrections to their story, they never even responded, although I attempted to correct their story several times. Whoever wrote that piece on their website was not at the Airport. If they had been, they would have known better. It was an attempt to slander me, no doubt.
Neither the police nor the military ever really contradicted my story, and if I had been uncooperative or "unruly," they were so nervous you can bet they would have arrested me.
I don't know Snopes agenda but smearing any and all social activists is on many people's agenda.
Refusing to even respond or correspond with me signals to me they are unreliable and simply put up on their website whatever the first person who contacts them says, and then they refuse to change it - not wanting to admit being wrong, likely..
Please refer people to my website which contains the real version of the incident. Thanks.
- Nancy Oden,
PS - Who are you and where are you?

Posted by Nancy Oden

8/25/2005 03:16:00 PM


Hey Nancy,

I bet the overbearing military didn't respond to your story because they are laughing at you and your kooky idea that they would waste their time stopping you from flying when we do have serious challenges to national security after 9-11, whether you see that or not. GOD bless those men and women keeping us safe, and keeping YOU safe from the threats we face. And as for your interesting narrative of that day's events, I'm going to recommend it to my former English teachers during the short stories section of their fiction lessons. Maybe there was just a little too much "green" in your intake that day. Toodles. 

Posted by LoP

8/29/2005 12:43:00 AM



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