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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Perry Voters Reject LNG Terminal

In a 279 to 214 vote, Perry has become the third Maine town to deny a liquefied natural gas installation.
As Perry voters left the voting booths Monday, many said the economic benefits of the proposed LNG project - including 1,000 construction jobs for three years and an annual payment to the town of $1 million - would have been outweighed by the intrusion of a large industrial installation on their small community of 844 people.

"I don't think an industrial complex of that magnitude has any place in an area like this," said Gary Guisinger, who has actively opposed the LNG project since its inception last year and picketed along Route 1 in the rain Monday outside the Perry Municipal Building. " We don't argue against jobs, we argue against those jobs," Guisinger said.

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