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Friday, April 22, 2005

Al Diamon Gets His Way

The PPH today:
Maine Won't Discriminate, which is leading the effort to keep the law from being overturned, has hired the veteran political consultant Dennis Bailey to run its campaign.

Let's hope it works. A third loss might be the end of equal rights in Maine for a long time.

The pro-discrimination side is now running a radio ad supporting their "Lie to Mainers about Marriage" campaign. You can listen to it here. In related news, Mike Heath today took a short break from battling the evil homosexuals to pontificate on the environment:
Christianity teaches [...] that man has a proprietary interest in nature – that is, nature exists for man’s use, and everything in nature is subject to man’s dominion. [...]

Clearly, the problem behind Earth Day is the loss of the proper sense of man’s relation to the earth and to his fellow man, a relation that was never in doubt when society thought of itself in Christian terms.

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There's something very wrong with Michael Heath. 

Posted by Al

4/22/2005 09:01:00 PM



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