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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Brian Duprey: A One-Dimensional Legislator?

The Sun Journal takes an in-depth look at one of Maine's favorite right-wing caricatures.
His actions and statements have also drawn attention. On the floor of the Maine House, during debate over an anti-discrimination law, he argued that its passage might lead to pedophiles dressing as women and stalking children in school bathrooms.

He tried to submit a bill that would have allowed motorists to purchase one of two different state license plates featuring either "Choose Life" or "Protect Choice," but he wasn't able to meet the requirements for that legislative proposal.

The article does a good job of outlining the kind of legislative craziness that got him mocked by the Daily Show. There was one quote, however, that threw me for a loop.
"...I heard a lot of horrific stories from homosexuals that they were ostracized and kicked out of their family, teenagers just kicked out on the street when their parents found out they were gay. And if parents are that disgusted by homosexuality - which, of course, I would never be..."

This is a member of the Christian Civic League talking, a man who has railed against the evils of gay marriage, who has voted against giving gays equal rights, who has cynically attempted to use the gay rights movement to support his views on abortion and who earlier in this very article refferred to gay rights supporters as "cronies". Fighting against gay rights seems to be the main purpose of his legislative career. How much more "disgusted" by homosexuality can you get?

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Duprey is loony. Is he running again next year or is he term limited? 

Posted by Mel

4/10/2005 07:33:00 PM



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