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Friday, April 15, 2005

Fact Check

M.D. Harmon's google-fu is weak. My google-fu is strong.

In today's offering, Harmon takes Sen. Strimling (D-Handsometown) to task for leaving a period out of his press release. Then he says this:
But, so far as a search of the Internet reveals, no .50 caliber weapon has ever been used for a crime in the United States. But, hey, someday one could, so that's a good reason to ban them, right?

Here's a list from the Violence Policy Center which happens to be the fourth result of a google search for ".50 caliber crime". Some highlights:
In February of 2004, Donin Wright of Kansas City, Missouri, lured police officers, paramedics, and firefighters to his home where he shot at them with several guns including a Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle. [...]

Petrosky then walked out into the shopping center parking lot, where he exchanged fire with a federal IRS agent and killed Sgt. Timothy Mossbrucker of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. Petrosky, who was known to his friends as "50-cal Al," fired all four weapons, including the 50 caliber rifle, during his murderous rampage. [...]

Branch Davidian cult members at a compound in Waco, Texas, fired 50 caliber sniper rifles at federal ATF agents during their initial gun battle on February 28, 1993. The weapons' ability to penetrate tactical vehicles prompted the agency to request military armored vehicles to give agents adequate protection from the 50 caliber rifles and other more powerful weapons the Branch Davidians might have had. Four ATF agents were killed.

I haven't formed an opinion yet on Strimlings bill, but I'm beggining to form one about the quality of Harmon's writing.

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