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Thursday, April 14, 2005


From the PPH:
The Portland Police Department is taking the right steps by helping the public to become more aware of a crime that's going to become more prevalent years to come: Identity theft. [...]

It's a growing crime and will only continue to grow with technology. Data collection companies aren't immune, either, and already have lost massive amounts of personal information to thieves.

From the Sun Journal:
"You're starting to see this spread into Maine," Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood said Tuesday. "All of a sudden we're starting to get phone calls.

Both Snowe and Collins voted against the bankruptcy bill amendment that would have protected people whose financial problems were caused by identity theft.

In other Snowe news there's this from the DSCC today.
Olympia Snowe ignored the direct plea of local VA workers yesterday and voted lock-step with conservative Republicans to deny funding that would have prevented layoffs at the Togus VA Medical Center and kept health care services for area residents.

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