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Friday, May 06, 2005

Bringing People Together

Thank you, Brian Duprey.
Activists on both sides of the abortion debate finally found something to agree on Thursday when they dismissed as trivial or irrelevant a bill that would outlaw abortion based on sexual orientation.

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The bill was a waste of time, as are hundreds of others submitted every two years.

What is the reason some percentage of our population finds the same sex sexually appealing? After observing gay family members and business associates, I don't believe that gays 'choose' the gay lifestyle. Is there a gene that triggers "gayness"? Or do early childhood experiences send people down the road to a gay lifestyle? Or do influential peers in the impressionable teenage years make boys like boys and girls like girls?

What about bi's, or switch hitters? Can one have half a gay gene, if genes are the answer? Does "going both ways" disqualify the gene theory? Can they switch be turned half on? Doesn't seem possible.

Why are gays gay??? 

Posted by Bob

5/07/2005 08:14:00 AM



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