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Friday, May 20, 2005

Shallow Bench

Al Diamon today examines the GOP prospects for a 2006 gubernatorial candidate and doesn't find much. Those that might do well, such as Susan Collins and Peter "redo" Cianchette don't want to run and those who do want to run, like the oft-defeated former congressman David Emery and second-term state Rep. Darlene Curley don't have a chance.

Then there's Senate Minority Leader Paul Davis who both doesn't want and can't win the Blaine house according to Diamon.
Davis has admitted to friends he’s unlikely to beat Baldacci and is only considering a run to make sure the party has some kind of candidate.

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To think that Senator Paul Davis couldn't beat Johnny Baldacci in a gubernatorial race is just a joke. An ape could beat John Baldacci. In the matter of two months Johnny has managed to drop his approval rate from 70% to 37% in the matter of just two months, that's faster then any drop of approval of President Bush. Under his administration he has managed to drive Maine to become the highest taxed State in the United States and the least Business friendly State according to CNN Polls. And now he wants to borrow 410 million dollars to pay off the 250 million that they need to keeps the lights on in the Capitol. If he gets this money the State of Maine would not be able to pay it off until 2020. John Baldacci is a fruitcake who is so far out of the mainstream, he makes John McCain look like a right winged religious Republican. 

Posted by Matt McDonald

5/27/2005 02:41:00 PM


Matt, get a grip on reality. Even Sen. Davis himself realizes that Baldacci will be tough to beat, regardless of all the things mentioned in your post. 

Posted by Brandon

5/27/2005 03:54:00 PM


Of coarse Senator Davis realizes that beating Baldacci would take hardwork, let me remind you that Senator Davis is the Common Sense Senator, but at the rate that Baldacci's numbers are dropping, both the GOP leadership and Senator Davis understand that with every bad decision that Baldacci makes all he is doing is digging his own politcal grave. I believe that the people of Maine, both Democrat, Republican and Independent alike are realizing that this State deserves a better governor then John Baldacci and wiether if it's Senator Paul Davis that is the next Governor or not, the Citizens of the State of Maine deserve a change in the Blaine House in 2006. For example John Baldacci wants to borrow 410 million dollars from Wall Street without asking the tax payers of the State of Maine wiether he can or not, as the State's Constitution says he is supposed to, so that he can fund all the liberal ideas he has, when he can just cut spending, especially in the arena of DHS, and balance out the budget. It's simple economics, don't spend what you don't have. He also wants to grant minority status to homosexuals, bisexuals,transexuals, and people of different sexual "expression", when in fact none of these fit into the catagories that determine if a group deserves minority status or not. I certianly do not need to remind you of the two votes in 1998 and 2000 where the people of the State of Maine voices were clearly heard on what Mainers think of that issue.
I know the Greens and Liberal Dems of Southern Maine cringe at the idea of having a person who is both responsible with the money of the taxpayers of the State and is conservitive on social issues, fill the office of the Governor of Maine, but I believe that the citizens of Maine are getting tired of being the highest taxed State in the Union,they are getting tired of the out of control spending that happens in Augusta, they are tired of a having a unaccountable Department of Human Services, and they are getting tired of having a State Leader who acts as though he is not accountable to the people that he is supposed to be governing, I believe that these issues will drive the voters of Maine to bring a change to who lives in the Blaine House in 2006. 

Posted by Matt McDonald

5/29/2005 11:04:00 PM



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