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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Social Security Works

MPA's Social Security Works Coalition (which I happen to work for) held a press conference on Wednesday in Augusta which was covered by most Maine TV stations. The Governor and Democratic legislative leaders took the opportunity to urge Maine's congressional delegation to reject President Bush's plans for privatization. (video and article here.)

The Portland Press Herald today took exception to this public display of concern.
Maine has enough on its plate right now, though, to make such actions seem a little out of place, a bit of a distraction. When Maine has no more problems of its own, that will be time to solve everyone else's.

Maine's state legislators certainly have a lot on their plates at the moment, but their statements this week weren't a distraction, they were necessary and well-timed. These legislators realize that Maine has a rapidly aging population, and that any change in Social Security will greatly affect the entire state, they realize that Snowe and Collins have a unique opportunity as moderates to reject the president's plan, and they realize that now is the time that the views and values of the people of Maine must be made well known in order to affect this legislation. There are indeed many issues that are being discussed in Augusta right now, but this is definitely one that deserves 20 minutes behind a podium.

If you saw some of the coverage of this press conference, you may have heard that Susan Collins has refused to hold town-hall meetings on Social Security. Because of her lack of interest, MPA will be holding the meetings for her and has invited the Senator to attend. If you're in the Bangor area, please join a panel of Social Security experts and a ton of concerned citizens for a discussion at 7pm this Thursday, June 16th at the Bangor Public Library.

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