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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Baldacci has stamped dead the Washington County racino bill.
"My actions today might not be popular with some people, but I must follow my conscience," Baldacci said during an afternoon news conference in his office. "I just don't believe that casino gambling will improve the aspirations or opportunities of Maine people."

The House has failed to override. There will likely be a bill allowing a referendum on the subject instead. Baldacci has expressed a willingness to allow such a measure. One interesting aspect of this legislation is the lack of a party line.
The vote to counter the governor´s action was 73-70, well short of the required super majority. There was no debate. [...]

The votes to enact the Indian gaming measure last week were 19-15 in the Senate and 87-46 in the House.

The final Senate tally had 9 Democrats and 10 Republicans voting yes, with 10 Democrats and 5 Republicans voting no.

In the House, according to a compilation by the clerk´s office, voting yes were 48 Democrats, 38 Republicans and the chamber´s lone Green party member, John Eder of Portland. Opposing the measure in the House were 19 Democrats, 26 Republicans and independent Rep. Richard Woodbury of Yarmouth.

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He 'said' the vote was based on 'moral grounds' what were his earlier votes on behalf of racino gambling based or his sponsorship of a bond issue based on lottery revenue?

...time for a new P.R. flack for the gov. 

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6/11/2005 09:38:00 AM



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