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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bonds Passed

128-14 in the House, 34-1 in the Senate.

From the AP:
"I wish we could do more," said Sen. John Martin, D-Eagle Lake, the second Democratic senator on the Appropriations Committee.

For most debaters, the question was not whether to borrow, but how much.

"These are infrastructure needs we can´t walk away from," said Republican Sen. Richard Nass of Acton, a member of the Appropriations Committee that negotiated final details of the proposed borrowing plan.

Without disputing Nass, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Schneider of Orono went further, arguing that "this is too small a bond package."

A bloc of 10 or more Senate Democrats lined up in support of a number of amendments aimed at boosting overall borrowing for various projects, but was unable to overcome an opposition anchored by the three members of Democratic leadership, led by Senate President Beth Edmonds of Freeport.

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