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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Government by Veto Referendum

From the AP:
[Former Republican legislator Stavros] Mendros said the $1-per-pack tax increase is only one of several provisions he challenges.

He also seeks to undo provisions he said delay state subsidies to public schools, and reimbursements for "tree growth" tax breaks and for Business Equipment Tax Reimbursements. Also at issue are corporate tax increases and cuts in revenue sharing, he said.

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It seems like people are only concerned about government by referendum when the proposed referendum is something that they don't like. 

Posted by George

7/07/2005 06:11:00 PM


I didn't say I was concerned about it. Referendums do have a place in state politics and the recent success of the Republican veto campaign in helping to force legislative change has reinforced that in my mind.

I'm pretty sure I'm against this particular referendum attempt, but you'll notice I didn't make any value judgements in the post. 

Posted by Mike

7/08/2005 05:03:00 PM


The funny thing is if the Democrats had not decided to pass budgets by majority votes, the two recent attempts would not have been possible.  

Posted by George

7/09/2005 12:08:00 AM



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