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Friday, August 12, 2005

Michael Heath Is Lonely

From his blog:
I don't understand why Christian pastors are attacking me. Yet, they are.

I have never in my twenty years of ministry leadership received such bitter and personal communication as I have in the past year. I sort of expect it from liberal pro "gay" clergy, but not from conservatives. I am taking criticism from conservative pastors now. This surprises me. It doesn't change my views one bit on all things "gay." It does make me wonder, however, whether Maine has what it takes to stop the homosexual agenda.

Update: Nemitz beat me to it.

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I hope this bodes well for the equality bill. 

Posted by Phil

8/13/2005 08:47:00 AM


Hey mike,

I see that you ate wondering whether thie initiative this year will go favorably. And I mean who doesn't wonder. I mean with hatemongering and bigotry on your side you're taking the wrong approach. Try getting a soapbox and preaching to likeminded individuals. Do something that gets you incarcerated and martyred for a few days and then lead teh people to the promised land they are destined for.

I knew a guy in germany once who had ideas like this. You might have heard of him. His name was Hitler. 

Posted by Kevin

10/21/2005 01:28:00 AM


You're surprised that you're being critisized by other Christians and you don't know why? It's because you can't accept all people as one. I hope you consider African Americans as an equal to you so why not "gays". They are no different from anyone, and your Christian friends know that, that's why they think you're nuts. If you take notice of your surrounding societies within the next few years you will notice that nothing has changed. The only thing that has is that you can't kick someone out of your church just because they are "gay". This law has nothing to do with people straying away from religion it has to do with the equality of people. The general public strays from God because there are other things that focus their attention, and it's not gay people, it's called technology and advancement in the sciences. There are more discoveries made each day to prove there is no God and with so much out there I'm amazed that the majority of the world still holds their faith. Why don't you focus your attention on the distruction of science and religion, not on a minority that has nothing to do with God.  

Posted by Deb

11/10/2005 10:36:00 AM



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