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Friday, August 12, 2005

November 8th Ballot Questions

Here's the order, from the BDN:
Question 1 will ask voters whether they want to reject the new law that protects people from discrimination in employment, housing education, public accommodations and credit based on sexual orientation.

Question 2 will ask voters whether they favor a $33.1 million bond for improvements to highways, bridges, airports, public transit systems, state-owned ferry vessels and port facilities, bicycle trails and pedestrian improvements. The bond money would attract an additional $158 million in matching federal funds.

Question 3 will ask voters whether they favor an $8.9 million bond issue to draw down $31 million in federal funds to improve sustainable water sources and develop new irrigation systems. The bond would also make improvements to a veterinary technician facility at the University of Maine.

Question 4 will ask voters whether they favor a $20 million bond to stimulate economic growth and job creation in the state. The bond would draw an additional $44 million in federal and private funds for medical research and development and provide funds for the expansion of several facilities in the state university system - including a graduate school for biomedical science on the campus of University College in Bangor.

Question 5 will ask voters to approve a $12 million bond issue to purchase land and conservation easements to protect wildlife and fish habitat as well as provide access for outdoor recreation and hunting and fishing activities. The bond is expected to attract at least $7 million in public and private contributions and will also assist efforts to preserve farmlands and working waterfronts.

Question 6 will ask the voters to approve a $9 million bond issue for building renovations at several of the campuses of the University of Maine System.

Question 7 will ask the voters to amend the Maine Constitution to provide a different tax assessment level for waterfront land used for commercial fishing purposes. The waterfront property would be taxed much like farmland and forestland currently are.

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