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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Freedom of Information

Here's a new nominee for stupidest bill; this one from a democrat. LD 90 would shield the work of the Gambling Control Board from the public eye.

A Sun Journal editorial today states:

The Maine Freedom of Information Coalition, which the Sun Journal supports, says that LD 90 would take records that are public at the state or federal level and make them confidential once the Gambling Control Board gets them. As an example, the criminal records and litigation histories of racino employees would be off-limits for disclosure. Information that is public and available from other sources would be denied to anyone petitioning the board...
The issues at stake are not whether Maine voters approved slot machines at harness racing tracks: They did. The issue is whether the Gambling Control Board should be allowed to subvert the laws of the state that guarantee public access to information. It should not.

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