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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Intervention Needed

Bill Nemitz's column in the PPH today is almost exactly what I said on Monday.

Interestingly, Heath is now waving the vandalism of part of the CCL website around like a bloody shirt. For him, the attack justifies his paranoia that the "homosexual movement" is trying to "take him out".

From WLBZ2:
Heath said he's very upset with what happened here, but he's not surprised. He said the Civic League's strong stand against homosexuality has made it a target for threats and vandals.

[Update] Here are some better quotes, straight from the CCL newsletter:
What happens if no one can refute Mike Heath’s arguments, and personal attacks on him fail as well? The answer is that the struggle then moves into a new phase, and the only remaining tactic is to silence your opponent. It becomes necessary to destroy their means of communication. In our case, it meant destroying part of our website, perhaps in response to our coverage of recent events in the homosexual community.

With this act of vandalism, our opponents have made it clear that they have complete contempt not only for our religion and our God, but for any conceivable standard of decency as well.

Unfortunately for Mr. Heath, there's no evidence that "radical homosexuals" were involved in the vandalism. The exploit used to gain access to the forum appears to have been known widely for weeks and could have been fixed with a simple software patch. Anyone that wanted to could have easily figured out how to "hack" the League's forum.

If you trace back the email used by the hacker, it takes you to the homepage of a European teenager going by the name "ChiLLiPePPeR". There, you can view photos of the guy, read his poetry, and even check his height (177 cm), weight (59 kg), favorite film (private save ryan) and sexual orientation (hetero).

The vandalism itself, with misspelled words and references to oral sex, also points more towards an internet-savvy teenager than a team of radical homosexual activists.

Of course, this could all be a clever ploy by the Homosexual Internet Strike Force™ to cast off suspicion.

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