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Saturday, July 09, 2005

In Their Own Words

Al Diamon does an excellent job this week of chronicling some of the lies and hatred that are the daily fare of the Christian Civic League. He even gives me some credit for catching one of their most blatant fabrications. He also gives us a window into the thinking of the extremists at the CCL by quoting some of their own, incredibly bigoted, words.
Heath may become even more extreme as the vote approaches, but it’s difficult to believe he could get much further from reality than he did in his newsletter last September, in which he claimed, "evil forces in our state are using [the term ‘sexual orientation’] to train your kids and grandkids that all sex — with anything, anybody, anywhere — is good, right and noble. A friend of mine accurately describes this as a ‘pansexual jihad.’ "

You can find similar statements in almost any issue of their newsletter or transcript of their public remarks. I haven't bothered to collect an authoritative list, but I did write down one quote from a newsletter back in November that I found particularly illuminating.
"It will be true for some of us that death is preferable to a reconciled life, if that life includes the acceptance of moral evils like sodomy."

"Give me hatred or give me death", that's the definition of extremism.

In case anyone's wondering, it's been 20 days since the made-up manifesto was published by the CCL and still no retraction or correction.

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Excellent work, Mike. Keep the spotlight on these bigots. 

Posted by David

7/09/2005 02:10:00 PM



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